Halinka Prevett has been a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) since 2006.
Specializing in rehabilitation, chronic tension and pain, and sports, Halinka takes a body-mind approach in her treatments.
Whether you are an
athlete wanting better recovery
an office worker with chronic tension in your shoulders
Halinka approaches each client the same way – treating the source and not just the sensation.
The body responds to physical injury and emotional stress the same way creating imbalances. Patterns of muscles tension, trigger points and adhesions pull on the fascial web requiring the body to shift and compensate. The goal of the treatment is not only to treat the symptom, but the case of the pain or injury.

What to expect

  • EInitial Treatments are 90 minutes and include a detailed health history, assessment and treatment plan.
  • ETreatment plans may include professional coaching, and movement therapy depending on your goals.
  • ETreatments are individualized and will be customized to your current condition, both physically and mentally.
  • ETreatments will include a variety of tools such as hands on manipulation, cupping, essential oils, and movement education.
  • EThe goal of all treatments is to coach you in the tools to help heal yourself.
  • EDirect Billing is available.