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“Halinka created a warm and safe space in which I was able to explore my comfort zone and learn to recognize when my gremlins were working hard to keep me in it. Through coaching with Halinka I was able to reflect on my values and begin to bring my actions and choices into alignment with those values. Halinka has a beautiful way of walking you through your connection with the body as different thoughts are arising, and in this way I was able to better read my body’s cues about what was happening in my mind.”

- Angela

“Thirteen weeks ago, I thought everything was great, but I was in pain, then my word exploded. I lived day to day waiting for the shoe to drop. I used to (or thought) I thrived in chaos. After coaching with Halinka I am great, no really! I still feel discomfort in my body but it doesn’t hold as much meaning because I listen.”
- Amie

“Coaching with Halinka taught me how to handle disappointment and frustration without being angry. I now carry myself differently. I am more confident; I feel lighter. I no longer look in the mirror and go “blah”. Instead, I now look in the mirror and wink at myself and say ‘looking good sis.'”
- Sharon

“Halinka is a fantastic coach! Not only does she have your back 110%, she’s also amazing at creating a safe space to explore deep rooted issues while still keeping you on track with your goal in mind for the best outcome. Thank you Halinka!”
- Helene