Got monkey brain?

The state of overwhelm lives in your mind created by a constant cycle of thoughts that take over leaving you feeling hijacked. I call this monkey brain. 

Why monkey brain? Because when I’m experiencing the never ending thought cycle of overwhelm it feels as if monkeys have taken over; swinging from one neuropathway to another, jumping all over my brain and throwing shit over any of my sane thoughts. 

So how do we stop the cycle of monkey brain, ending the paralyzing feeling of overwhelm?

Some will tell you to change your mindset and that you have to think differently, but thinking is what got you here in the first place…

The number one tool I use for myself, and teach my clients to overcome overwhelm is writing. Yup, the simple tool of bringing pen to paper. My journey of writing Vulnerably Authentic was the most healing experience. You don’t have to write a book to get the benefits of writing, To-do lists, journal prompts, morning pages – they all count.

 In this week’s episode of Overcoming Overwhelm I discuss why writing your thoughts works and introduce you to an exercise called the brain dump. Watch the episode here and learn how to navigate the monkey brain.

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