As a child I remember watching my grandfather sitting on his reclining chair doing… nothing. Tv wasn’t on nor was he reading. His eyes were closed but he wasn’t sleeping. I remember being confused whenever I asked him what he was doing and he would simply respond, “nothing”. For a naturally anxious kid his answer didn’t make any sense, and frankly was uncomfortable. 

He was my first introduction to just sitting with your thoughts, or meditation as it’s often referred to; although I don’t know if he even knew the word meditation. 

Taking time to slow down and just sit with the whole of ourselves is so simple, but not easy, often because when we are in a state of overwhelm we are disconnected, and becoming connected, without a safe system to do so, often is too painful.

So how can you gain the benefits from meditation when the monkey brain of overwhelm won’t allow you to sit still? In this last episode of Overcoming Overwhelm I discuss how to approach meditation in a way that works with you to help you ease your mind and reconnect with your body.

Coach Halinka

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